Gadgets & Media

Welcome to Our Company!

Gadgets & Media is a fantastic Family run business here on the costa blanca, We offer a wide range of ICT services including Website Creation, PC Repair & Computer lessons. We also offer a great range of high quality Laptops, Computers, Mobile phones and tablets at discounted prices.

The biggest issue with today’s modern devices whether it be Desktop, Laptop or even mobile device is taking them to get fixed when they break or develop problems, this may be because they are very big and heavy or that they are very fragile and you don’t want to risk dropping or damaging a device by taking it to a store. Maybe you simply don’t have the time to take them to the store and wait for them to be fixed. this iswhere our home visit comes in.

The benefit of our home visit service is the ability to fix issues relating to hardware within your device as well as software, which maybe things like corrupt RAM or a faulty CPU or issue with the operating system. During a home visit we will be able to better diagnose and fix any device that runs on a PCB i.e Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile, TV, Printer and many more. we can explain the issue to you in clear terms with no jargon and advise on how to prevent it happening in the future.

No job is too big or too small, we believe in honest pricing and so we are a simple rate of 10 euros per hour with no call out fees, and if an issue cannot be fixed we wont charge you a cent.